Some names that Rick Cordeiro has been compared to: LOU COSTELLO, JACKIE GLEASON, DANNY DeVITO, JAMES GANDOLFINI, RODNEY DANGERFIELD, JOE PESCI and last but not least, JOHN BELUSHI......Rick, a versatile actor, has also carved out a niche for himself playing gangster roles for TV and Film...many times he's the 'go to guy' for that role. He is "THE AL CAPONE OF TORONTO !"

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Maple Leaf Gardens, Summer 2004, (Circled in red)

RICK CORDEIRO - Biography:

Trademark: Antagonists, Villains, & Interesting Offbeats.

Richard Cordeiro, (born: Eusebio Richard Cordeiro) moved to Toronto in 2008 from Hamilton, Ontario to pursue a full-time acting career. Since then, he has appeared in 200+ productions including film, TV, commercials, music videos, web series and public events.

With a background in marketing, graphic arts and acting, Rick Cordeiro closely studied the way productions and film shoots were organized with an eye to one day becoming a producer and promoter of his own film projects.

Rick is a versatile Actor/ Performer who has managed to pick up work on over TWO HUNDRED AND FOUR TV/ Film/ Commercial/ Print/ Voice Over projects in the last four years. Has all the genres covered including Comedy, Drama, Horror and Sci Fi and plays multiple characters on SIX of them!!

Richard (Rick) Cordeiro got his start in the TV/ film industry by "accident" when a close friend, Keith Day, introduced him to two ladies who ran an agency for background performers in his hometown of Hamilton, Ontario. On June 13th, 2004, his first day on a film set, was selected out of 300 extras @ Lee's Palace in Toronto, to do a bar scene with Heather Locklear for the film, "THE PERFECT MAN." (However, this did not make the final cut). Soon after worked a total of 40 days on the set of Ron Howard's "CINDERELLA MAN" down @ Maple Leaf Gardens, Toronto. Did not make the final cut on this one either but did make the film's movie poster. (Posted above) Since then, has made the final cut on various TV/ film productions being shot in the Toronto area, the two most noteworthy being in George A. Romero's "LAND OF THE DEAD," where he's chased by Zombies three quarters into the film, it stars Dennis Hopper and as a gambler on the ESPN mini-series "TILT" starring Michael Madsen. As it turns out after being selected often on TV/ film sets and assigned to do specific things on camera Rick decided it would be a good idea to pursue an acting career, packed up his bags and moved to Toronto on Boxing Day, December 26th, 2008. 

Rick continues to hone his craft with the goal of landing some major parts in important motion pictures and TV productions here in Canada, the United States and around the World! Bio:
IMDB STARmeter: #21 (Hamilton, Ontario) March, 9th, 2014
IMDB STARmeter: #22,208 (Top 0.5% Worldwide) March, 9th, 2014 

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PHONE: (647) 713-0189

"The Best type of Revenge is Massive Success."
- Frank Sinatra